Januar, 2017

12jan - 15Hele dagenall Ears(Hele dagen) :Konsert,Seminar,Workshop




all Ears
16th edition

12.-15. January 2017
Concerts, talks, children´s workshop, experimental film.

THURSDAY 12 January

kl.19.30 // BLÅ
-Dror Feiler
Musician, composer and peace activist, living in Sweden.
-Jealousy Party (IT)
Italian duo living in Berlin, founded in 1995, playing what they call Punka. Consisting of Roberta Andreucci and Mat Pogo on various DJ-equipment, voice and electronics.
-Black Spirituals (US)
Black Spirituals (Zachary Watkins/Marshall Trammell)
Duo from Oakland, California playing genreless drone music through drums, guitar and electronics.
-JD Zazie (IT)
Sound artist from Italy, merging DJ-ing and live sound art performance.

FRIDAY 13 January

kl.13.00 // Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria
About visibility:
Does music become invisible by being visible? A talk with some of the musicians performing at the festival.

kl.19.30 // Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria
-Muddersten (NO/SE)
Sound based improvising trio consisting of Henrik Olsson on objects, friction, and piezo, Martin Taxt on microtonal tuba and Håvard Volden on guitar, and tape-loop.
-Tralphaz (USA)
David Lim, noise musician living in Alameda, California.
-Mariachi (FR)
Nina Garcia, exploring guitarist from France.
-Drummers’ secret handshake // (Marshall Trammell // percussionist and investigator from Oakland, US / Michaela Antalová // expoloratory drummer from Slovakia, living in Oslo / Matilda Rolfsson// Swedish percussionist living in Trondheim, exploring instant compositions in the moment/ Ståle Liavik Solberg // Adventurous improvising drummer living in Oslo, Norway.)

SATURDAY 14 January

kl.11.00-15.00 // Biermansgården, Drivhuset 
An instrument workshop for kids and families. Try building a Kalimba, string instruments, a xylofon and balloon tutaphone, and finish of with a concert.
Registration through www.muxi.no/allears

kl.13.00 // Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria

Towards sustainability:
What can we do towards contributing to a more sustainable society? A talk between festival and concert organizers within the field of experimental and improvised music.

kl.19.30 // Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria
-Paal Nilssen-Love (NO), drummer spending most of his days on the road/ Sten Sandell (SE), piano player and composer, also using voice and electronics.
-Psykisk Tortur (NO)
Duo from Bodø playing noise since mid 80ties, Lars Nicolaysen (Skit-Lars) on drums, Ronny Værnes on electronics and angle grinder.
-Sofia Jernberg (SE)vokalist from Sweden living in Oslo and active in a wide field of music /Leila Bordreuil (FR/US)Plays cello, and lives in NY, working in the realm of noise music, improvisation, New Music and sound-art/Billy Roisz (AT), Plays electronics, electric bass/Eivind Lønning (NO)Trumpet player, and experienced in both jazz and classical music, alongside improvised music and new music. /Espen Reinertsen(NO),saxophonist, working in a variety of musical genres.
-Joel Grip (SE)Swedish bassplayer, filmmaker and producer living in Berlin./ Sven-Åke Johansson (SE)Swedish percussionist, composer, poet, visual artist and writer, living in Berlin since the 60s.
DJ Pallin (SE)

SUNDAY 15 January

kl.14.00 // Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
-Jon Balke (NO) Piano player, composer and band leader. Performs with his solo project, WARP.
-Billy Roisz (AT)Plays electronics, electric bass and visuals and explores the borders between the visual and audible perception.

kl.18.00 // Cinemateket (Dream That Kicks special)
-Gaëlle Rouard (FR) – experimental film and sound Working with experimental film and sound.

kl.20.00 // Deichmanske Bibliotek, avd. Grünerløkka
-In honor of Pauline Oliveros.
Concerts with Elin Vister and friends, playing Olivieros´ sonic meditations.


ALL EARS is an annual festival for improvised music, held in Oslo, Norway. The goal is to present improvised music in all its forms. ALL EARS is a non-profit festival by music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts, with bassplayer Guro Moe and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love in charge.

ALL EARS is constantly looking out for new acts from all over the world, with the program curated by the festival.
It’s important to note that we do not accept booking requests.
Paal Nilssen-Love post@paalnilssen-love.com
Guro Moe guromoe@gmail.com

Festivalen inngår i Komponistforeningens 100-årsjubileum.


Januar 12 (Torsdag) - 15 (Søndag)