INVITATION: NMD Education in Tórshavn 1 – 4 September

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COPENHAGEN 12.05.2021

The whole of Tórshavn will be buzzing with new Nordic music, when the festival Nordic Music Days is held for the first time ever in the Faroe Islands 1 – 4 September 2021. In addition to musical events with a strong element of staging and sound art in the urban space, the festival also offers workshops and projects with children and young people, a seminar on composition pedagogy in the Nordic countries, communal dining and a joint between Faroese dancing, football (!), and contemporary music at the Nordic House.

We invite all Nordic composers to join the pedagogical events taking place during the festival, and this year you can join the one-day seminar on composition pedagogy in Tórshavn or from home via Zoom!


  1. Seminar on composition pedagogy

This year Nordic Composers´ Seminar is called: What does creative progression look like, and how do you facilitate it as a composer? It will be led by the Danish composer Lars Kynde.

As with students of musical instruments, composition students on all levels gradually progress, and there- fore require increasingly specific skills and competence of the teacher.

It seems logical, that we, in the composition community, could learn a good deal about how to teach stu- dents to compose, from music educators, who focus their efforts on the pedagogy of teaching and learning of music and instrumental skills. We also know that music educators search for knowledge about how to teach composition from composers in all the Nordic countries. The potential for sharing knowledge exists for both music educators and composers.

The seminar this year has a focus on the pedagogical methods and tools to use in longer lasting teacher- student(s) relationships. How do you acknowledge creative progression in a group or a single student, and how do you facilitate it?

At the seminar, composers with very different and broad-based experience in teaching, will be presenting their methods by example, Daniel Fladmose (DK), Sanna Ahvenjärvi and Markku Klami (FI), Lil Lacy (DK), Bente Leiknes (NO) a.o. will share their thoughts on analysis and composition, improvisation and composi- tion, pedagogy and composition and experiences with music composition in the curriculum. We will also have a number of music school teachers from the Music School of Tórshavn joining the seminar.

We hope to see many of you at the seminar!

The registration is now open!

Please register yourself for the seminar by email to Katrine Gregersen Dal

before June 17th.

It is also possible to join via Zoom, deadline September 1st

Time and place

Date: Friday 3 September 2021

Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Place: The Music School of Tórshavn, Landavegur 84, 100 Tórshavn

Participation: The Seminar is free of charge.

2.   Soundwalk over the mountain to Kirkjubøur

Thursday 2 September at 10:00, you can participate in a two hours soundwalk from Tórshavn to Kirkjubøur together with Nordic colleagues and children from a school class nearby. When you reach the ruins of the old village of Kirkjubøur, there will be a special festival event and concert with Kingo singers from the Faroe Islands.

3.   Other activities

Before and during the festival in the Faroe Islands, professional artists from the North will do workshops on sound and music with local children, young people, and their teachers in public schools, the college Glasir, and the Music School of Tórshavn.

In some projects the students are going to create music, installations and do sound walks in the urban space, in others they are going to both create and perform their own music. Some of these are open for audiences.

•   Summer Dream, Fall Asleep – concert

Accompany’s “Summer Dream, Fall Asleep” is a theatrical fantasy created by Lasse D. Hansen, Mathias Madsen Munch, Rakel Helmsdal and Anna Schulin-Zeuthen. In the writing and developmental stages, the creators will be working with young musicians from the Music School in Tórshavn, exploring how dreaming can change our way of thinking – both in the shape of surrealistic dreams and life-changing nightmares! The young musicians will work as Story artists, Music artists and Stage artists in this process, co-writing, co-com- posing and co-staging experiences from their own dreams and nightmares into stage magic. “Summer

Dream, Fall Asleep” is inspired and based on an original storyline written by Rakel Helmsdal. The final piece

will be presented at the festival. Thursday 2. September at 17:00.

•   Open House at Glasír

10 artists from all over the Nordic countries have been working with students from Glasír to present art – performances and concerts during the festival. The result of the workshops will be presented Friday 3 Sep- tember at Glasír.


Many of the events at the festival will have free entry, but it will be necessary to book your seat in advance. You will receive further info on seat booking and/or ticket sales for concerts and events. You can already register for the composition pedagogy seminar via email


The festival is organized by The Association of Faroese Composers and the Danish Composers’ Society in

collaboration with the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.