Fremføringsmulighetene for ny musikk endret seg radikalt da koronapandemien spredte seg over landegrensene i en hel verden. Konsertshus og scener har vært stengt i over en måned, men kunstens ytringsrom finner imidlertid andre arenaer.

nyMusikks konsertserie Periferien søker nå etter nye innovative ideer og tekniske løsninger for live-konserter i korona-tiden. Fremføringssituasjonen skal ta hensyn til begrensninger knyttet til korona, som blant annet restriksjoner vedrørende antall mennesker i samme rom, 1-2 meters avstand mellom publikum og utøvere, og innendørs- / utendørsarenaer som kan imøtekomme slike behov. Den forventede datoen for fremføringen er høsten 2020.

Periferien oppfordrer alle komponister, lydkunstnere, skapere, multimedia- / tverrfaglige / samarbeidende artister, musikere og utøvere til å sende nye ideer til Periferien innen 3. mai.

Utlysningstekst med kriterier:

DEADLINE: 3 May 2020 (Yep! You read that right! And you can make it! Get cracking!) 

Are you busting with new ideas and looking for a place to present your work in the near future? In these unprecedented times many of us feel the need for innovative models that bring artists and audiences together and that experiment with new ways of making and doing.  nyMusikk Oslo, Periferien is a new music series based in Oslo, Norway and we want you burning ideas by this Sunday, 3 May 2020 (…Did we mention it’s time to get cracking?!). Our goal is to present one fully financed production that presents innovative solutions for live performance during the time of corona.  The expected date of performance is in autumn 2020. We encourage all composers, sound artists, creators, multi-media/interdisciplinary/collaborative artists, musicians, and performers to send your ideas! 

The following criteria are encouraged: 

– New or repurposed works for live performance 
– The performance situation should take into account restraints related to corona, such as the need for small audience numbers, 1-2 meter distance between audience and performers, and indoor/outdoor venues that can accommodate such needs. 
– If the composers/creators are not Norway-based the project must be possible to execute by nyMusikk Periferien producers alone (due to potential travel restrictions) 
– Any live performers must be based in Norway (due to potential travel restrictions) 
– Collective creation/curation/collaboration is encouraged 
– Proposals with live musicians/performers are encouraged 
– Performance duration is open 

Practical and funding information: 

– Performance date expected in August 2020, however this date is contingent upon government regulations regarding corona. 
– A project specific budget will be applied for via Arts Council Norway on 5 May 2020 with the expected result made public in June 2020. The project’s execution is contingent upon a successful application with the Arts Council Norway. This call for proposals is therefore preliminary in nature. 
– nyMusikk Periferien further supports the project with additional funding, production, and marketing. 
– nyMusikk Periferien reserves the right to combine proposals into a single event, or to initiate collaborations between applicants. 

Please send a <300 word project description and basic budget to periferien@nymusikk.no by THIS SUNDAY, 3 MAY 2020. 

Further questions can be sent to periferien@nymusikk.no .

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