Idin Samimi Mofakham

Idin is the co-founder and artistic manager of Spectro Centre for New Music (since 2013 – along with Martyna Kosecka, Polish composer & conductor). He is also a co-founder and artistic adviser of Contemporary Music Circle of Tehran Modern Art Museum. Since 2015 he serves as a co-founder, board member and senior curator of Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, the only international music festival with focus on contemporary and experimental music in Iran. His works are based on traditional and folk music of Iran, interpreted through a contemporary approach as well as focused on acoustic and psycho-acoustic phenomenon, played numerously during various concerts and festivals around the world. Since 2019, Idin resides in Norway and holds a position of a researcher in composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo (Norway), pursuing his research on Persian ancient tuning systems and its creative usage in contemporary composition.

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Foto: Tiange Zhou