Per Christian Arnesen

Per Christian Arnesen (1966) is born in Oslo and resides in Hvasser. Arnesen has composed for strings, sinfonietta, wind and chamber ensembles, piano, big band and symphonic band.

His clarinet quintet Clarimorphose (1991) has been performed several times in Norway and abroad, Spinning Clarinet (for solo clarinet and Big Band, 2005) was rehearsed with Calstate Big Band and performed by Sandvika Big Band in 2006. The anniversary-march for symphonic band, Annis Aureus Norwegicus (Norsk Musikkforlag AS), had its premiere in 2015. Mindoro Oriente for Harpsichord (2016) is on the album Architectures, RMN Music. His chamber works, 7 Fragments for Pierrot Ensemble, Eternes Friesés and Piano Accepted has been released on Ablaze Records Ensemble and Sinfonietta Series, with performers from Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. Piano Accepted had its first performance in 2016 in Sydney, Australia, with Sydney Contemporary Orchestra. Two small piano pieces, Il Decimo Friesé and Waltze Friesé, was released on the album In Focus 2, RMN Music, performed by Fernando Cruz.


Foto: Line Owren